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One File, For Life

Enzo Snyman

An image of Enzo Snyman - co-founder of DigiMedi Health


Relebogile Snyman

An image of Relebogile Snyman - Director of DigiMedi Health

Director & Advisor


Join Us

Join us in our mission to transform healthcare delivery in Southern Africa through cutting-edge technology and comprehensive data solutions tailored to meet the needs of the healthcare community. Read about our latest insights on our Blog.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to addressing data fragmentation in the healthcare system. We aim to create a consolidated digital record for each patient by bridging the gap between the public and private sectors. Facilitating more accurate diagnoses, and greater insights for healthcare providers.

Who We Serve

DigiMedi Health is a beacon of technological advancement, serving:

  • Medical Practitioners

  • Specialists

  • Clinics

  • Hospitals

Our platform seamlessly integrates patient data from both public and private healthcare sectors, empowering healthcare providers to deliver enhanced medical care with a holistic view of each patient’s medical history. Our inclusive approach ensures quality healthcare services for all individuals, supporting professionals in making informed decisions and providing optimal care.

Our Vision

Our journey began with a single visionary idea—to revolutionise the healthcare sector by digitising medical records. We aim to serve the public and private healthcare sectors by moving away from outdated paper-based file systems and adopting a more efficient, environmentally friendly, digital solution.

Our Core Offering

We specialise in developing and maintaining Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software solutions. Our unique service provides healthcare providers with a comprehensive view of a patient's medical history, essential for accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans. Accessible and consolidated medical data is critical for healthcare professionals across various fields.

Our Journey

Starting with public healthcare facilities, we quickly realised the immense task of digitising medical records. The overwhelming volume of paperwork, the unwavering reliance on paper-based records, and the logistics of managing physical files were significant challenges. Despite these hurdles, we remain resolute in our mission to implement a sustainable digital healthcare solution for the entire sector.

About Us

Welcome to DigiMedi Health

At DigiMedi Health, we are committed to transforming healthcare in Southern Africa through innovative technology. Our team of passionate innovators is dedicated to revolutionising the way healthcare data is utilised to improve patient outcomes.

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