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One File, For Life

DigiMedi Health

 In South Africa, the majority of households, approximately 72%, depend on public healthcare services, while the utilization of private healthcare facilities is considerably lower, at less than 5%. As a result, managing healthcare data and ensuring accessibility present significant challenges across the board.

Private healthcare practitioners encounter difficulties coping with the rising volume of new patient files, limited physical storage, and the accompanying issues of queues and data duplication. These challenges contribute to inefficiencies in managing patient records and pose risks to the quality and timeliness of care provided.

DigiMedi Health addresses these issues through the integration of a digital consolidating process. This process aims to create comprehensive patient medical histories, facilitate accurate diagnoses, and ensure secure, long-term data preservation through decentralised cloud storage.  

Invoicing and scheduling solutions for healthcare practitioners

Improved Operational

The platform streamlines administrative tasks, such as appointment scheduling and file management, reducing the workload on staff and enabling swift patient consultations

Convenient Healthcare

The DigiGo mobile application offers a comprehensive on-the-go solution, facilitating access to medical professionals and services.

Enhanced Data

DigiMedi offers digitisation of medical records, reducing the reliance on physical filing systems and improving overall data accessibility

Efficient Appointment

DigiMedi allows patients to schedule appointments conveniently, reducing wait times and allowing for telephonic or in-person scheduling from the comfort of their homes.


It provides customisable templates, consultation tools, and secure access to patient data, catering to various healthcare professionals' specific needs

Enhanced Medical
Data Management

Patients benefit from having their complete medical history consolidated in a secure digital format, enabling more accurate diagnoses and streamlined healthcare services.


By eliminating paper-based processes, DigiMedi contributes to environmental sustainability, aligning with the country's eco-friendly strategies

Medical Research

Patients can consent to sharing their medical history for research purposes under the POPI Act of 2013, contributing to medical research and advancements


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